Goa is famous for its exotic beaches and beautiful landscape. Whenever, you think about this place ; you usually fantasize yourself that you are sitting on a beach , having a glass of red wine and tasting some of the delicious cuisines with your loved one. But , that isn’t just enough to explore Goa at its best. You must know that Goa provides you with one of the best varieties of food you can ever enjoy whether you are staying at a hotel or eating at some street side corner. Starting from the raw fish, to the amazing taste of crispy prawns ,to the Indian snacks puffed with foreign fusion & served with extra toppings is something which will make you feel incredibly happy. But what makes Goan food even more exciting is, when you are surrounded by restaurants with a beach facing view which of course adds extra taste to what you are having. Here are the names of some of the amazing restaurants and cafes you must try:

1)La plage, Ashwem Beach

La plage is a famous restaurant in Ashwem Beach in South Goa. Experiencing mocktails with a twisty French food makes this place extremely special. It’s basically beside the beach in a hut surrounded by sands on its sides with creative infrastructure. Do not forget to try the delicious grilled tuna and beef served with cocktails.

 2)Sabina’s Thali

Goan food is absolutely incomplete without having fish. Most of the foodie people travel here just to experience various varieties of fish. It’s amazing how sea food can make us feel delighted through different types of spices that are added in the dish as per you want ; be it lemon fish, or the fish pakora, or spicy grilled fish which is usually served with rice . Most people prefer to do lunch comprising of a Fish thali with rice in it.

3) Famous snacks in old Goa

Like the other states famous for one or the other kind of snacks ; old Goa also presents with some goan snacks which make people go crazy. In Mapusa bread and flower markets, there’s a nameless stall which provided you with crispy chilli pakoras with chai giving you relief over the rainy season. If you crave for something in the late hours , you can probably visit to the Ajit tea stall near Mapusa bus stand where you can have the famous xacuti curry. If you are an omelette lover , do not forget to try the Ros omelette by Singal bookshop in Panaji.

4)Café Real , Panaji

If you are looking for a place to have your breakfast , visit this place without giving it a second thought. There’s a wide variety of food you must be craving to look for. Starting from the bhajis followed by the samosas, pakoras, veg curry , coffee , soft drinks and mixed varieties of dishes including potatoes, mushroom , tomato etc. It serves with almost everything eaten for breakfast. You must not miss this café to have a rememberable breakfast.

5)Surya Beach Café, Galgibaga beach

It’s basically a beach based café offering some delicious food . Surya and his family members operate this café attracting large amount of people which consists of international tourists as well. Surya and other family members serve fish, and his mother cooks whatever they are able to hunt in the sea; prawns , oysters, crab etc with some flavoured spices making it extra special . If you are a seafood lover; you may not complete your tour without being to this place.

Next time, you think to visit this place. Do not forget to try these amazing cafes and restaurants which will definitely make you plan a trip here more oftenl. It beats every single place that offers seafood. But, mostly having your meal with a view that Goa provides, is something that cannot be expressed in words.

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