Pittsburgh Owl Scribe

Pittsburgh Owl Scribe

Travel & LesiureSummer fun is over. Thutha had a wiry white beard, and he wore nothing but a sarong. An ax swung freely on his again, its blade resting simply inches from his backbone; his toes, I noticed as we tramped through the forest behind him, have been naked. Thutha wanted to indicate us how the Veddas had as soon as inhabited the forest. Shifting swiftly by the undergrowth, he halted to present us classes: three sorts of leaves that may deal with snakebite; pangolin burrows within the earth; herbs to remedy a stomachache; a plant that, if burned, can drive bees out of their hives. Following a stream up its rocky course, we arrived at a sq. hole carved out of a big rock, with a lid to match. An old, unused Vedda fridge, Thutha stated. Put dried meat on the bottom, cowl it with honey, and it’ll keep for years.

Shivapur is a small city within the state of Maharashtra. The village is famous for its levitating stone that mysteriously levitates in accordance with a Muslim Sufi mystic who lived six centuries ago in India. Shivapur is situated about a hundred and eighty kms east of Mumbai. In keeping with a legend, A saint named ‘Qamar Ali’ on his deathbed mentioned that ‘when eleven men place their right index fingers under the stone and then jointly call my name, I’ll trigger it to rise larger than their heads.’ And this actually happenes. The stone continues to be there and it nonetheless levitates.

Elana Dykewomon’s fat feminism is a few of my favorite fats activism of the early motion. It’s rooted in her life as a poet, author and editor. She is a cultural worker, that means that her creative life is a political act, a mirrored image of her group, perhaps a present of service. Her writing explores intersections of sophistication, race, disability and lesbian sensibility. Like other highly effective early fat feminists she is Jewish, and that could be a vital a part of the body.

For anybody who has joined us here in the last five years, a quick historical past: Louise and I became volunteers for the American Red Cross shortly after shifting aboard our RV, Odyssey. We had been in search of a method to volunteer, to exchange the volunteer work every of us had been doing when we lived full-time in San Jose, California. After we realized of a brand new partnership between the Crimson Cross and the Escapees RV Membership, permitting Escapees members to volunteer at disaster relief operations of their rigs, it was a perfect match.

After embarking on a solo trip to Australia at 18 years outdated, I started chasing my dream of changing into a travel writer. I hold a Writing and Publishing Diploma from Okanagan School and a Bachelor of Journalism from Thompson Rivers University. I’m a regular contributor for Canadian Traveller Magazine and the neighborhood supervisor for Discover Magazine’s “Dwell the Journey” Membership. I’m captivated with moral tourism, outside adventure and learning to understand one’s personal backyard.

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