Journey And Leisure

Journey And Leisure

Travel & LesiureFor progressive organisations who’ve busily spent the recession investing in modernising their business models and better understanding their prospects, the world of Travel & Leisure is now not about survival, it is about opportunity. This incessant hunger only proliferated this week once I finally accomplished a three 12 months college bachelors degree in Physical Geography, and am now ravenous for extra. I’ve been treated, here at Royal Holloway, to a banquet of information; a feast of intellectually stimulating ‘nuggets’ of details about the world. As well as, I’ve had the pleasure to dine with some of the kindest, considerate individuals who all have brought their very own contributions to the table these past three years. It is no shock that Plato once wrote: “knowledge is the meals of the soul”.

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Known as one of the finest pianists of the past 60 years, Eddie Palmieri is a bandleader, arranger and composer of salsa and Latin jazz. His taking part in skillfully fuses the rhythm of his Puerto Rican heritage with the complexity of his jazz influences: Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, and McCoy Tyner, in addition to his older brother, Charlie Palmieri.

From the album ‘Which aspect are you on ?’ (Which Facet Records, 1985) – tune written by Ewan MacColl, his version was included on a cassette he and Peggy Seeger put out in 1984. ‘Daddy what did you do within the strike’ on their Blackthorn data was ‘a musical documentation of the 1984 miners strike’ with ‘income to National Union of Mineworkers’.

The visual id needed to make a splash, speaking ‘life changing’ and reflecting up to date Britain. People related the hand symbol with The Nationwide Lottery so we kept that half, making it more up to date and digitally-focussed. The hand grew to become the frequent component, while a new world of colours, shapes and animations gave each its own really feel.

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