Travel and Entertainment: Fire Balloons

Travel and Entertainment: Fire Balloons

If you ever wanted to do something exciting, like travel to another state, city or county, but didn’t know what type of activities to do, keep reading. There’s always some fun entertainment to enjoy when you’re traveling, but there are a few things that make a trip that much more interesting. These activities include things such as sky diving, skiing, swimming with sharks, speed boating, and lifting yourself to the clouds via a fire balloon. In this article we will discuss what fire balloons are, how they came to be, and also the fire balloon price.

Fire Balloons

“fire-balloon”, most commonly referred to as a hot-air balloon is a piece of aircraft that is lighter than air, which makes it float. Instead of regular air or hydrogen, the craft is filled, and its altitude is controlled by hot air. The balloon is very large, so that the amount of hot air it is filled by can sustain the weight of the carrier right below, called a gondola or wicker basket, as well as the people inside of it. There are many different types of balloons you can ride, and with technology at the point that it is today, manufacturers are able to recreate cartoon characters, and almost any design possible. This means if your lover likes a certain movie, there’s probably a hot air balloon in that shape.

So, you might be thinking, this all sounds cool and exciting, but is it within my budget? The answer is a big yes! The price to ride an air balloon will mostly depend on the location, how long you want to ride it, and how big the balloon is (which will determine the amount of hot air needed, etc.). On average, the cost to ride a hot-air balloon is around two hundred and seventy-five dollars per person. There are balloons that only hold two people, and for a private ride you would be looking at paying around $795 and will get to learn everything about hot-air balloons. Of course, like anything else, the more people involved, the better a discount. However, because hot air balloons are limited in space, you’ll only be able to invite another seven friends. The total cost for a party of eight, would then be around thirteen hundred dollars. Trust me, it will be worth it.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed the idea of an air balloon and what it is. It is basically and aircraft that uses science to become lighter than air, which allows it to float into the clouds. If you’re looking to go on one of these excursions, the price will run you about two hundred and seventy-five dollars, and you will get a better deal if you go as a group. It will be more fun this way as well, with a group of friends, but if you’re only looking to take your girlfriend or boyfriend, then a ride for two will be just as fun.

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