Planning a Trip to NYC

Planning a Trip to NYC

Anyone planning to visit New York City will want to map the trip out beforehand. With so many Places to Visit in NYC, taking the time to plan carefully ensures a visitor doesn’t miss any of their desired destinations. Following are some things that should be included on this list for every visitor.

Broadway Shows

No trip to New York City would be complete without a Broadway or off-Broadway show. With so many to select from, every visitor is sure to find a production they cannot wait to see. For some, this will be Stomp, but others find they want to spend an evening enjoying Wicked the Musical. Of course, there is also the option of visiting the NYC Ballet, which offers a different type of show but one that is also amazing in every way.

The Statue Cruises

America is known for offering freedom and independence to all. The country was established on the belief that individuals should be allowed to live as they choose, not as the government believes they should. Few things symbolize these beliefs more than Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and the Statue Cruises permit individuals to see these symbols up close.


One reason many people come to New York City is to browse the incredible stores found there. From Saks Fifth Avenue to Tiffany & Co., there’s a shop for everyone. Don’t overlook lesser-known names either when in the area. Be sure to check out stores such as OMG Jeans, a retailer that offers everything from Levis to Hugo Boss. Where else can you find so many brands under one roof? This is only one of the many stores you will want to check out during your trip. Just be sure to bring an extra suitcase to carry all of your treasures home.

Other attractions to consider adding to the list include the Bronx Zoo, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the American Ballet Theatre. Obviously, the preferences of the travelers are the top priority, and no two itineraries will be identical. However, as the city is full of popular destinations, every trip will be perfect from start to finish if a person takes the time to plan their visit carefully.

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